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Stride-Lite Diabetic Shoes and Products

Shoe Construction
The Stride-Lite™ shoe meets the requirements of the shoe bill and goes beyond to provide not only an orthopedic shoe that can be used for a diabetic, but a diabetic shoe designed for a diabetic. The difference is noticed by the patients.

Breathable Upper
The upper front of the shoe is made with Lycra, which makes the shoe more breathable. Ventilation allows for normal body cooling and reduces the hot, damp atmosphere that may contribute to fungus and bacteria.

Large Range of Sizes and Widths
With fittings so important to the safety of the diabetic foot, we maintain a large range of full widths and fittings from 4 to 14, including half sizes.

The balance of the shoe and the materials of construction make this a comfortable shoe that protects the foot. Biomechanical design redistributes the ground reaction forces. This shoe can be comfortably worn all day.

Stride-Lite™ Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetics

Lightweight • Ultra Depth
The balance of function and compliance designed into the Stride-Lite™ diabetic shoe makes this a therapeutic shoe that meets the need for protection and comfort of the at-risk foot.

Effective for treatment, sensitive to style.

Order multi-density orthotic inserts separately with each pair of shoes.

Available in brown, black, and tan.

Stride-Lite Diabetic Shoes and Products
Stride-Lite Diabetic Shoes and Products
Stride-Lite Diabetic Shoes and Products

Stride-Lite™ Diabetic Golf Shoes

Protect your feet while improving your game!

The therapeutic shoe for the active golfer.

Available in two fashionable colors with Velcro closer. Plastic removable cleats for a better swing.

Designed by a golfer, under supervision from a team of diabetic foot specialists. This shoe offers the best in style, comfort, and performance that is available for the active diabetic.

Stride-Lite Diabetic Shoes and Products

Stride-Lite™ Diabetic Walking Shoes

Designed for the active diabetic.

A modern designed walking shoe that meets the Medicare guidelines for diabetic patients.

Featuring an extended toe box, this shoe delivers style. Lightweight design with reinforced heel counter. Made from soft leather for stretch and comfort. Stride-Lite™Sports will except our orthotic inserts because of their ultra depth construction.

Full-Length “Tri-Laminate” Stride-Lite Inserts

This full-length Tri-Laminate” Stride-Lite insert is specially designed for the diabetic foot. Heat moldable, after an external heat source, it will mold to the foot without abrasion, providing total contact with the patients foot, including arch. The center layer will not bottom out, and will continue to provide cushioning from shock.

Stride-Lite Diabetic Shoes and Products